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Suddenly, The Wheels are in Motion
Xanadu on Broadway
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11th-Jul-2008 10:43 pm(no subject)
Hey everyone. I have been obsessed with Xanadu and more importantly, Cheyenne Jackson for a while now... my three cousins and I are flying in from all over the country to meet in the city for a week and see Cheyenne. I know he was out with Damn Yankees and is said to be returning July 30th, so we got tickets July 31st. Now, my question for you all is- how likely do you think it will be that Cheyenne will be present?
Also, how is the cast in regards to the stage door? Do the majority of them sign autographs and take pictures? And do they only sign & take pics after evening performances or matinees as well?

Thanks so much!

Cheyenne Jackson has been nominated for 2 NewNowNext awards! VOTE NOW!!!

Cheyenne Jackson has been nominated for 2 of LOGO's NewNowNext awards: "Cause You're Hot" and "Brink of Fame: Actor." Both of these awards will be broadcast on the NewNowNext awards show on LOGO on Saturday, June 7th at 9pm. And just in case you miss it, you can check out a full stream of the show on LogoOnline. com


http://www. logoonline. com/shows/newnownext_awards/vote. jhtml?qn=nnn_poll_01


http://www. logoonline. com/shows/newnownext_awards/vote. jhtml?qn=nnn_poll_07

VOTE FOR XANADU HERE:  http://www.logoonline.com/shows/newnownext_awards/vote.jhtml?qn=nnn_poll_04
I knew there was a reason why I love 30 Rock.

BroadwayWorld has learned that on Thursday (December 14) night's episode of NBC's "30 Rock," Liz Lemon's (Tina Fey) mother visits New York City and the two go see Xanadu on Broadway. Margaret Lemon is played by Broadway vet, Anita Gillette. Check local listings for NBC channel and air-time.

Full article here: http://www.broadwayworld.com/viewcolumn.cfm?colid=23668

And, of course, today is the release of the cast recording.

The original cast CD of Broadway's Xanadu is released today December 11, by PS Classics, for purchase at the theater, and online at www.xanaduonbroadway.com and www.psclassics.com.

To accommodate fans, CDs will be sold at the Helen Hayes Theater box office, 240 W. 44th Street, starting at 5PM, December 11.

Xanadu will join the lineup of Broadway musicals and stars to perform at the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Nov. 22.

The performance will be a medley of the songs "All Over The World," "Magic" and "Xanadu" featuring Kerry Butler, Cheyenne Jackson, Curtis Holbrook, Anika Larsen, Kenita Miller, Andre Ward, Patti Murin, Marty Thomas and Ryan Watkinson.

The parade will also boast (as previously announced) numbers from Legally Blonde ("What You Want") and Mary Poppins ("Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"), as well as the Radio City Rockettes.

Full article: http://www.playbill.com/news/article/112587.html

I'm really excited because Magic is totally my favorite song and I was dying to see the special effects that we can hear they use, at least I hope they'll do there but even if they won't, I'm happy :D
Man in Chair
This Saturday, a national publication will be outside the Helen Hayes Theatre after the matinee (approximately 3:30pm) to shoot a group photo of as many Xanadu fans as they can to accompany a national story they are writing about the fANADUs.

The photo will be taken outside the stage door on Saturday, October 20th just after the matinee - and everyone is invited to join in the photo.


Who will be there? And it's too much coincidence that is on my birthday? :D

PS Classics will record the original cast recording of the new musical Xanadu, which currently plays the Helen Hayes Theatre.

The cast of the acclaimed musical — including Kerry Butler, Cheyenne Jackson, Tony Roberts, Mary Testa, Jackie Hoffman, Curtis Holbrook, Anika Larsen, Kenita Miller and Andre Ward — will head into the recording studio Oct. 29.

Jeffrey Lesser will produce the CD, which is expected to arrive in stores Jan. 8, 2008. The cast recording will be available the first week of December by visiting the PS Classics website, the Xanadu website or the Helen Hayes Theatre.

Read more here.

Amen! Just can't wait!

Man in Chair
What do you guyst think about this? I like Cheyenne, but that's so sad for James. He could be at least on the cast recording or something, but if they are telling he'll be in an international production, we just have to wait and see...

You can read all about it here: http://www.playbill.com/news/article/111638.html
1st-Oct-2007 02:33 am - Broadway Beat Video
Man in Chair
Broadway Beat is back from their summer hiatus - but the team has been busier than ever this summer as evident by their 18th season premiere episode. Host Richie Ridge brings you a feature-filled episode with highlights from Xanadu, Seussical, Walmartopia, NYMF and more - right here on BroadwayWorld! Click now to watch!

Link: http://www.broadwayworld.com/videoplay.cfm?colid=21791

The videos are the same ones we've already seen around there, but there are great interviews with the cast and Olivia on Opening Night :)
11th-Sep-2007 06:28 pm - XANATUBE
Set your TIVOS for tomrrow, folks.

XANADU rolls onto The View
This Wednesday, September 12th
Suddenly to be performed by Butler and Jackson

Before the rest of the world knew XANADU was bigger then Paris Hilton getting out of Jail, Whoopi Goldberg joined the fANADus, exclaiming on her radio show: XANADU is a fabulous, fabulous musical. And it's great fun for families. Go See It. Now she will share the biggest little hit on Broadway with her fabulous co-hosts on the ABC television program, The View. Kerry Butler and Cheyenne Jackson will serenade Whoopi, Joy, Elisabeth, Barbara and the soon to be announced new co-host, when they belt the disco-romance tune 'Suddenly'. Be sure to watch - it will set your week in motion...
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